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Jes and I in summer uniform: Swedish Hasbeens and circle skirts. (at Liquid Lounge)

Bending towards giant ant, 2014. (at Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art)

The way people dress for air travel is shameful. Flip flops and sweatpants? Utterly disrespectful. It’s not difficult to look nice, be comfortable and find ease in travel all at the same time. Today I dropped my luggage, went through security, took five to have my film hand inspected by TSA and was still free to roam my terminal before the people who’d been in line in front of me earlier. First impressions are everything and airports are not judgement-free zones. Stop being lazy, man the fuck up and put on some real damn shoes. #PSA #airplanebathroomselfie #realdamnshoes (at Nashville International Airport)